Monitor Water Depth
Like Never Before

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Never Run Out of Water Again

Track and Manage Your Water
Anytime, anywhere.

Mobile and Desktop

View your water depth from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

Real time Alerts

Get notified in real time about your water levels.

Wireless drop 'n' go

Completely wireless with an easy 5 minute setup.

Detailed Data Management

Simply log into your AquaSwift dashboard to gain access to historic water depth, water temperature, air temperature, record highs and lows, and more!

Solar Powered

Runs completely on solar power. No external electrical connection required!

Order Water Conveniently

When your water gets below your chosen "alert level", you can order water straight from your phone and choose from the best water distributors local to you.

AquaSwift Depth Monitor

Meet The Device

The AquaSwift Depth Monitor is capable of both WIFI and cellular data transmission so you can connect from anywhere, no seperate power needed. The control module is placed above ground with access to sunlight and the sensor is lowered into the water until it reaches the bottom.

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AquaSwift Dashboard

Meet The Dashboard

The AquaSwift Dashboard lets you view your water depth readings in real-time, and even lets you set alert levels to notify you of when your water depth is too low or too high.

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How it Works